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TAKE-HOME Teeth Whitening FAQs

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TAKE-HOME TEETH WHITENING- Traditional Tooth Whitening Trays & Bleaching Gel.
Q: What is Take-Home Teeth Whitening?
A: Take-Home Teeth Whitening is a combination of custom-made take-home teeth whitening trays and teeth whitening solution. Custom bleaching trays are fabricated to be used at home for about 2-8 weeks or until the teeth have reached their Peak Teeth Whiteness. Clinical use has seen the teeth whiten 3- 10+ shades.
Q: How does the Take-Home Teeth Whitening Whiten Teeth?
A: As you whiten in the comfort of your own home, teeth whitening solution is placed in the custom-made teeth whitening trays. While wearing the trays, the solution penetrates to the deeper layer of the tooth. Here, the carbamide peroxide is broken down to oxygen that acts on the stained organic deposits changing them to a whitish colour. This process brightens the tooth colour but leaves the tooth structure unchanged- much like bleach acts on clothes. The take-home solution is usually 16% and 22% Carbamide peroxide but may also have different concentration as well. This solution is placed in the custom-made bleaching trays and used for 2-2.5 hours/day, usually in the evening. Wearing the bleaching trays overnight is also an option.
Q: Why is the Take-Home Teeth Whitening better than other Over-The-Counter (OTC) Whitening Systems?
A: Some of the products bought over the counter (OTC) contain gels that have less effective active ingredients, have a lower concentration of active whitening solution, are not thick enough to stay in place and are not as effective in keeping the teeth whitening solution in contact with the teeth. Some do not even use Carbamide Peroxide, one of the main ingredients that have been proven to whiten teeth. Our custom-made teeth whitening trays fit precisely. This fit allows the teeth whitening solution to be in ideal contact with the tooth surface so that the solution works most effectively.
Q: Who may benefit from the Take-Home Teeth Whitening?
A: Almost everyone can benefit from the Take-Home Teeth Whitening. Teeth Whitening is ideal for people who have healthy teeth and would like a whiter, brighter smile. This includes teenagers and adults with their permanent teeth. In particular, teeth that have been stained by consumption of staining foods ( tomato sauces, fruits such as berries and grapes, ), staining drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, colas) or teeth that have just discoloured over time with ageing respond well to the teeth whitening process. Smokers can also whiten and brighten the colour of their teeth. Even people that have mild tetracycline/minocycline staining (gray staining from medication) can have brighter teeth with extended Take-Home Teeth Whitening. Teenagers that have completed orthodontic treatment and have their braces off can whiten the colour of their natural teeth. The best results will be achieved with teeth that have yellowed with age or are stained by coffee, tea, red wine, smoke etc.
Q: Can Take-Home Teeth Whitening lighten teeth with Veneers, Bonding, Crowns and other dental work?
A: Teeth with Veneers that have natural tooth structure exposed behind will whiten with Take-Home Teeth Whitening. Crowns made of porcelain will not whiten but if the natural teeth next to the crowns are more yellow, then the natural teeth can be whitened to help make the smile look more uniform in colour. If tooth-coloured fillings are present on teeth, these will not whiten if the resin material itself is discoloured-only if the tooth-coloured fillings are surface stained. Anyone considering a Smile Makeover or getting a few Veneers for the front teeth would be excellent candidates for The Take-Home Teeth Whitening. The Take-Home Teeth Whitening would be an ideal program to have completed first, so that your dentist can then match the new dental work with the newly whitened smile. The Teeth Whitening solution will not harm existing dental work (crowns, veneers, fillings, bonding, etc.).
Q: Can I eat, drink or smoke during the custom tray whitening at home?
A: During the Take-Home Teeth Whitening, there is no need to change your regular eating and drinking routine. Consuming staining foods and drinks is still acceptable while whitening. You may have heard that drinking colas, coffee and tea will interfere with the whitening results but that is not necessarily the case. With years of experience with whitening, we've only noticed that it may take a slight bit longer to reach Peak Teeth Whiteness for those people that consume staining foods and drinks while whitening. Even smokers can continue to smoke but it would be a great time to quit smoking since great pride will be taken in showing off your new pearly whites.
Q: What are the side-effects of the Take-Home Teeth Whitening?
A: Some people experience tooth sensitivity. Temperature sensitivity and twinges of pain on the teeth are completely normal and a sign that the Take-Home Teeth Whitening is proceeding as normal. Sensitivity may be temporarily more evident when consuming extremely hot or cold items. Others have experienced discomfort in the gums. Gum sensitivity is temporary and usually disappears within a couple of days of completing treatment. If you experience any side effects, discontinue use and see your doctor.
Q: Is it safe to whiten my teeth?
A: Whitening products have been used extensively without side effects. For 25+ years, bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide peroxide have been proven to be safe and effective. No adverse long-term effects have been shown in studies of professional teeth whitening. The whitening solution has been used by dentists for years. The teeth whitening solutions we use will not harm tooth structure, gums or existing dental work.
Q: Who shouldn't whiten their teeth?
A: Women that are pregnant, suspect may be pregnant and/or nursing should not whiten their teeth. There are no studies to show the safety of using Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide while pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have gum disease, loose teeth, loose fillings, cavities or any other pain or discomfort, we recommend you see a dentist prior to teeth whitening. If you are allergic to hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, potassium nitrate, benecel, trolamine, stevioside, peppermint oil, glycerin, urea peroxide, and/or buffered polycarboxylic acid we recommend not completing the Take-Home Teeth Whitening.
Q: I've used other Teeth Whitening Products and have had sensitivity. How can sensitivity be minimized?
A: The people undergoing the Take-Home Teeth Whitening experience little to no sensitivity. While whitening at home with the custom bleaching trays, sensitivity can be decreased by using the solution for only 2-2.5 hours per day and not wearing the trays overnight. Sensitivity is usually more apparent for the first 4-5 consecutive days, then it decreases dramatically once the teeth become accustomed to the whitening process. Medication to control pain and inflammation may be used if desired. We also sell a professional desensitizer that can be used in the trays for 15-20 minutes after each whitening session. Avoiding extremes of temperatures while eating or drinking and using desensitizing toothpastes, etc. may also help.
Q: How Long will the results last?
A: Results from our Take-Home Teeth Whitening may last from several months to several years. If the Take-Home Teeth Whitening is completed, as directed, the teeth will never get as dark as they were when treatment began. When the teeth seem to appear less bright/white as they did once the Take-Home Teeth Whitening was completed, touching up/updating their whitening can be accomplished in 2 different ways. The easiest way would be to come to "The Whitest Smiles" for a touch-up Rapid Teeth Whitening Session of 15, 30, or 45 minutes every couple of months or at an appropriate interval. Another way would be to purchase some of our Teeth Whitening solution and use it in the custom bleaching trays. If the bleaching trays no longer fit or cannot be found, new updated custom trays can be made to fit your teeth precisely. The more precise the trays, the more effective the take-home bleaching will be. Most people find that they may need new bleaching trays every year or so or when they find the bleaching trays no longer fit well, after they have had dental work competed or the trays have been misshapen with use. Longevity of teeth whitening results also depends on lifestyle and genetics. Some people have teeth that are more susceptible to staining and discolouration than others. Also, food and drinks we consume will affect our teeth (smoking, coffee, tea colas, red wine and berries) are all common staining agents and people that consume significant amounts may need more frequent touch ups.
Q: Why should I whiten my teeth?
A: Many scientific studies show that people with whiter teeth look and feel younger. These people also feel more confident. The most convenient at-home method of teeth whitening is through the Take-Home Teeth Whitening. People who have whitened their teeth have a greater interest in keeping their smile healthy and bright. They also spend more time with oral hygiene care, they have healthier gums and teeth and have fresher breath.
Q: Is Dental Teeth Whitening covered under my Dental Insurance?
A: Dental Insurance does not typically cover the cost of any teeth whitening procedure. It is the only procedure the dental insurance company deems 100% cosmetic. If you have flex benefits, these may be used towards treatment.