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Bleaching Trays-Teeth Whitening Trays & Mouthguards

We can fabricate 2 Types of Bleaching Trays:

Traditional-Type Bleaching Trays
Used for traditional teeth whitening

Retainer-Type Bleaching Trays
Recommended for patients that have undergone Invisalign or Orthodontic Treatment and are used to wearing a Retainer.

For people that have whitened with bleaching trays in the past, the bleaching trays that we now create will be better fitting and more comfortable. The newly designed trays will help improve contact of solution with the teeth. It will allow less material to seep out of the bleaching trays. This will help achieve the best results possible.

A well-fitted custom mouthguard can help protect your teeth and jaw by decreasing the impact during active play. With an unexpected hit, the more precise mouthguard has better protection. Custom mouthguards help to reduce the intensity and potential damage and may decrease the amount of treatment that may be required for emergency dental procedures.